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Fossil Hunting

At Moonfleet we are lucky to be located on the stunning Jurassic Coastline. The Jurassic coast is a world heritage site, it stretches all the way from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset. It is approximately 96 miles in length and steeped in history, with all its rocks and fossils you can uncover detailed stories from history. This makes it the perfect location for budding palaeontologists.

We love being able to give guests a fantastic experience on the Jurassic Coast, we also have the inside track on the best places for views and fossil hunting along the coast. Here is our some of our favourite spots to explore the Jurassic Coast;

Lyme Regis

The town beautiful seaside town and the surrounding area have a fascinating history stretching back to the 700’s. It is also the birth place of the renowned fossil collector and palaeontologists, Mary Anning, the recent movie ‘Ammonite’ is said to be inspired by her life.

Keates Quarry

Real dinosaur footprints! About 15 years ago more than 100 fossilised tracks were found preserved in a piece of flat rock in Keates Quarry, in Purbeck. The tracks were probably made by a brachiosaurs. These foot prints are a great place to take those younger dinosaur hunters – they can recreate scenes from Jurassic Park with their toys.


This town is one of the best and safest for fossil hunting. Whilst the fossils in this area are plentiful, it will take skill and knowledge to help you find them. We suggest joining one the local guided fossil walks from the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre. The middle of winter is the best time for uncovering the best finds due to the rough weather.

Seatown and Golden Cap

Want to see the Jurassic Coast from the highest point on the south coast of England? The climb to the top is a challenge, but don’t worry the reward is worth it. Waiting at the summit are panoramic views in all directions, from Portland to the east to Dartmoor in the west. The beach at Seatown, where you start your walk to Golden Cap, is the perfect spot to try your hand at some fossil hunting, with belemnite guards and ammonite shells regularly found.


For more information on the Jurassic Coast please visit the Jurassic Coast Trust website