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Autumn Garden Produce

This year we were delighted to have our Kitchen Garden in full swing for its first full year. The great weather we enjoyed during the summer months meant our gardener, Andrew, had some bumper crops! Our best producing items were courgettes – a staggering 770, a total of over 11,000 tomatoes of 3 different varieties and nearly 6000 chilies were produced from our 3 different types of plants. Andrew was certainly kept busy as was our head chef, Michael making use of the home grown produce.

With autumn in full swing the produce in the garden has slowed a little. However we still have a good amount of butternut squash being grown and the kitchen have been able to use this in a number of ways including on a new dish on our new autumn menu. Butternut squash is perfect for roasting, pureeing and in soups.

The Beetroot Gnocchi is one of our new dishes on the autumn menu. Butternut squash is used 2 ways on this dish. Our Head Chef, Michael, shares with you his butternut squash puree recipe. Butternut squash puree works great with poultry and games as well as in raviolis and tortellini.

Butternut Squash Puree


1 medium butternut squash (they vary on size so recipe and method can be adapted).

125g butter cubed (salted)

1 pint of vegetable stock (or chicken stock if you prefer)

2 tblsp of oil


White pepper


Peel and deseed the squash then cut in to even shapes.
Heat the oil and butter until melted, add the squash and allow to sweat (no colour).
Add the stock, then cook down until the squash is soft.
Then blend until smooth - before blending it is best to remove as much of the squash from the liquid, as you can always add more liquid for right consistency.
Finally add salt and white pepper to taste. 

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