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A boost for your skin this Festive Season

We understand that this time of year has a big impact on your skin. Changes in the weather and temperature can mean your skin becomes dry and lacks radiance. With the Festive season just around the corner now is the perfect time to treat your skin to something a bit special.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Laura, has tried out one of the Elemis BIOTEC facials that we offer. She shares with you her review of this and our Head  Therspist, Phoebe, shares her top winter skin care tips/tricks.

Laura's 60 minute BIOTEC Radiance Renew Facial

Being a busy mum of 2 children means skin care tends to be low on my list of priorities. Phoebe has been asking for a few months to get her hands on my skin and see if she can work some magic using the Elemis treatments and products that Moonfleet offer. Finally I agreed and after completing the medical and lifestyle questionnaire Phoebe took a closer look at my skin and suggested BIOTEC Radiance Renew.

This 60 minute treatment is designed to help target sluggish complexions, which mine definitely was! The ultrasonic peel went to work removing impurities and dead skin cells from my skin. The galvanic currents were then used to help rejuvenate my skin leaving it looking visibly brighter and helped to restore moisture. While this all sounds super space age, I have to say the treatment is extremely relaxing and I could feel myself nodding off at times, which Phoebe tells me is a compliment to therapists when a client is that relaxed during a treatment.

After my treatment Phoebe recommended Pro-collagen Cream Cleanser, Pro-Radiance Illuminating Eye Balm and Pro-Collage Marine Cream to help my skin keep its new found wellness.

Phoebe shares her top 3 tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy this winter.

Phoebe’s 3 top winter skin care tips

1. Even although it is winter is important to continue to wear SPF (We recommend a minimum of SPF 30 for your face).

2. Use of the Elemis Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm as a mask – you can put it on just before bed and leave it on overnight.

3. Roll an ice cube around your face first thing in the morning – it will add moisture and is refreshing for your skin.

Our treatment rooms offer 8 different facials using the BIOTEC technology including one designed especially for men. Alongside that we offer 5 Elemis touch facials, again with one designed specifically just for men. These 60 minute facials offer you the chance for some well-deserved relaxation whilst looking after your skin, giving you clinically proven results.

Until the 22nd December you can enjoy a complimentary 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder massage when you book a 60 minute BIOTEC facial.

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